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Nomadic Ivories -
Nathanael Schaeffer

Available on streaming platforms June 21st.

Until then listen/download/order a hard copy here!

From mid December 2023 thru mid January 2024 my sister and brother-in-law were patient and generous enough to let me rearrange their house.  The well traveled Samick piano I grew up playing ended up in the middle of their temporarily sound proofed dining room.  My Medicine 24 is selected and curated from many hours of recordings of me sitting down and having a chat with an old friend.  


The last few years I have been traveling around in my van building a solid piano tuning customer base around Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.  My goal is to purchase a shuttle bus large enough to have a piano in it.  A studio on wheels.  A space where I can create music for myself and to share whenever I wish.  It would also be a stage on wheels with the option to wheel the piano out to play absolutely anywhere.   All monetary support received for this album, and myself in general is building towards this dream. 

I do have hours of material that is ready to be recorded, expect this page to grow fairly rapidly!

Order copies of My Medicine 24 here!

If you are wanting a hard copy to be shipped to you, please enter your mailing address.

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